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Analysis Of Ben Johnson And Christopher Marlow Essay

Now, you all know about the famous playwright William Shakespeare. However, do you know about the other famous play writers of the time? Now, your reaction might be, â€Å"Wait, huh? There were other playwrights during Shakespeare’s time?† Yes there were, and they were actually quite famous. Two of the most prominent ones were Ben Johnson and Christopher Marlow. Today, we mainly focus on Shakespeare and his works. However, each of these men were making plenty of moolah back in the day. They even each other and had very light rivalries. I will be talking about these two men’s works and how they affected Elizabethan drama. (Volunteer doopededoo) So, let’s start with Ben Johnson. This man was first born in London, England in 1572, just nine years after Shakespeare was born. Shortly after little Ben was born, his dear sweet father died. His mother, being, you know, poor, remarried a bricklayer. Ben would then go to the St. Martin’s Parish school and learn about many classical figures, such as the scholar William Camden. After graduating, Ben became a bricklayer, just like his new father! Yet, he didn’t really like this too much, so he went to serve in the military at Flanders. Yet, he didn’t really like this either. So, he decided to be an actor instead! Ben was finally on the road to making some great literary works! In 1594, Ben married Anne Lewis and had too beautiful children. Besides this, we don’t know much about his family. Ben described his wife as

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Essay about Media Content Regulation - 1852 Words

In this assignment I will be studying the ways bodies regulate the media. Media regulation is the regulation of the media, such as enforcing rules and regulations and how they deal with the breakers of these rules. The Press Complaints Commission is an independent organization which deals with the complaints from the public about content in magazines or newspapers. As and Independent body it has no government funding and the government has no influence in its affairs. The Press Complaints Commission was put together for two reasons. One being the right for the public to know information which should be printed by the press for public interest reasons. The second reason being to protect the individual from misrepresentation,†¦show more content†¦Ã‚‘We would like to make clear no phone calls were made from the house where five members of Barry and June Khanans family were killed in a fire as we reported on November 2 2006. This information was provided in good faith and acted on at the time by the police. We apologise to Barry and June Khanan and their family for the distress caused.(Source: / OFCOM is a regulatory Body that regulates for the UK communications industries, it deals with television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services. They perform the six following specific duties: 1. Ensuring the optimal use of the electro-magnetic spectrum 2. Ensuring that a wide range of electronic communications services - including high speed data services - is available throughout the UK 3. Ensuring a wide range of TV and radio services of high quality and wide appeal 4. Maintaining plurality in the provision of broadcasting 5. Applying adequate protection for audiences against offensive or harmful material 6. Applying adequate protection for audiences against unfairness or the infringement of privacy (Source: An example of their work involves the breakfast TV show GMTV. GMTV was investigated for its alleged phone in scam. They have daily competitionsShow MoreRelatedMedia Needs to Have Self-Regulation Essay647 Words   |  3 Pagesthat everything media related is becoming more and more â€Å"entertaining†. This meant that groups such as news organizations were becoming less concerned about the news and more concerned about the number of viewers they were attracting. It also meant that trivial and stupid programs such as comedies were, and still are, replacing programs such as intellectual dramas documentaries. This process only became possible because the power and influence of media started to increase, and media outlets could doRead MoreRegulating The Digital Communication Nationally1218 Words   |  5 Pagesunder the basis of which the media should not promote prejudice and intolerance of these issues. Ultimately, the regulation aims to terminate potentially harmful images from the media, protect adults from spontaneous material that is likely offensive against social values. Minimal requirements are necessary for Australian content on digital media outlets such as television or radio, so as to prohibit overseas content bypassing national identity. The Australian Content Standard issue a quota of 55%Read MoreImpact Of Social Media On Business Performance1730 Words   |  7 PagesImpact of Social Media Marketing Introduction: It is considered that social media tools have gained a lot of popularity as well as increasingly used in day to day operations of many business organizations or companies, from start-up to small medium as well as large multinational organizations. Despite the fact that social media has gained popularity over it use, little has been known for their values to the business world or industry. The tools and technologies support for social media on business performanceRead MoreThe Importance Of Freedom Of Expression817 Words   |  4 PagesWe live in an ever-changing world where media is growing day by day. Rules must change to agree with the ever-changing media and the effects of it. With all this comes the question of how far and how much should media be regulated without neglecting them of their rights. Some would say that the government has put too much regulation on the media while others may think that media needs more regulation. We must also acknowledge the Citizens freedom of exp ression and what the people can do with thoseRead MoreAn Analysis And Critique Of Advocacy Efforts828 Words   |  4 Pagesof advocacy efforts Facebook is Australia’s most popular social media platform, second is YouTube, with Twitter coming in at seventh. (17) Neiger at al (18) state that social media can be used in public health to achieve the following: communicate with consumers, promote a brand, spread information, expand reach of public health efforts to broader and more diverse groups and foster public engagement and partnerships. Social media is being employed to accomplish a mix of these stated uses. HoweverRead MoreIn Order To Measure The Legal Realm Of Social Media, It1616 Words   |  7 Pages In order to measure the legal realm of social media, it is first important to understand the amendment that covers the freedom of speech: The First Amendment. The First Amendment specifically states in the United States Constitution, â€Å"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right o f the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievancesRead MoreFirst Amendment Status of Cable TV v. Broadcast700 Words   |  3 PagesBroadcast Electronic media content can be viewed differently according to personal opinions, but the First Amendment Rights of the United States Constitution lay the foundation for the legal system that is to be followed. These rights form a guide that help citizens have a stronger grasp on what is and isn’t acceptable within the eye of the law. Narrowing down to electronic media content, there has been a rise of tension involving first amendment rights of content regulations. The spectrum scarcityRead MoreSummary Of The Cultural Logic Of Media Convergence1469 Words   |  6 PagesJenkins’ article â€Å"The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence†, he discusses areas of tension and necessary negotiations regarding media convergence in the modern world. In a landscape that places an emphasis on digital communication and internet advertisements, media companies are facing a significant shift from previous norms. What used to be a typically paper broadcasting and entertainment world is now almost entirely online. On topics such as regulating media content, there is much up to debate about whoRead MoreThe Negative Impact of Sexual Content in the Media Essay1559 Words   |  7 PagesEarly exposure to sexual content can increase the likeliness of youth participating in sexual activity by the large amount that they are exposed too, the glorification of sex, the lack of regulation of sexual content in the media by the government, and the twisted message about unprotected sex and the meaning of love. For centuries the media has had a great deal of influence on people how they behave and view there world. From fashion trends to physical ideal the media has influenced what peopleRead MoreThe Social World Has Created Lasting Effects On The Lives Of People That They Must Deal With Every Day1356 Words   |  6 Pageseffects in the lives of people that they must deal with every day (Dines 1998, p. 164). Pornification is the process by which the social and cultural world is sexualised. This occurs through the expansion of media technology and the pornography industry, as well as changes in media regulations and restrictions which allow pornographic imagery to intrude into public spaces (Tyler 2011, p. 79). This essay will offer explanations for why the pornification of the social world is occurring, how the phenomenon

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Traumatic Brain Injury And Post Concussive Syndrome

Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussive Syndrome Neurological Degeneration Dementia produces physical changes in the brain and some areas shrink and other widen. Dementia is a term used to describe symptoms of mental or communication impairment found in a variety of brain conditions including Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In approximately 20% of the cases dementia can be reversed with the other 80% being irreversible. Dementia is generally marked by memory loss, forgetting appointments, forgetting the day of the week, which are all signs of cognitive impairment. Irritability and language difficulties are manifested in people with dementia. (Alzheimer’s Association, n.d.). The impact of TBI on the development of AD is a controversial topic that has caused spirted debate (Jellinger, Paulus, Wroklage, Litvan, 2001). A study of World War II veterans showed that moderate and severe TBI in early adulthood, that was rated by the duration of the unconscious state or posttraumatic amnesia was associated with increased risk for AD. (Jellinger et al., 2001). Evidence is mounting that a correlation exists between TBI and the likelihood of the development of a neurodegenerative disease such as AD (Weiner et al, 2013). The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have produced countless cases of TBI. It is estimated that since 2003 more than 200,000 of the men and women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have been exposed to concussive events that have resulted in a diagnosis of TBI (DOD,Show MoreRelatedA Car Crash Can Be A Scary Experience929 Words   |  4 Pagesfeel shaken up, both physically and emotionally. Injuries are often the result of a car crash. One injury you might suffer as a result of a crash is post-concussive syndrome. What is Post-Concussive Syndrome? Post-concussive syndrome goes beyond just the symptoms suffered in a typical concussion or mild traumatic brain injury. Instead of going away after a few days or weeks, the symptoms of the concussion will continue for weeks or months after the injury. At times, it may take days or weeks for theseRead MorePlaying A Traumatic Brain Injury Essay1558 Words   |  7 Pagesbeginning of a traumatic brain injury. The coaches are fixated on winning the game and they lose focus of their main priority, their players safety. Due to their lack of knowledge, the players do not receive proper treatment and continue to play. Acting as if nothing is wrong, they go to school and find themselves forgetting where their class is. Memory loss is one of the many symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury, or concussion. A concussion can be caused by one traumatic impact or manyRead MoreChristina Gonzalez Application Paper Treating ADHD A large percentage of Americans suffer from700 Words   |  3 Pagessuffer from brain injuries. Being a patient who suffered from a mild traumatic brain injury, I am a prime example of a case where ADHD medication was prescribed as needed. After being thoroughly examined by my neurologist, I was prescribed an ADHD medication due to the fact that my cognitive abilities and functions were not where they were supposed to be. The neurologist treating me throughout my brain injury felt it was necessary that I take a stimulant because following the brain injury I was alsoRead MoreChronic Traumatic Encephalopathy2039 Words   |  9 Pageswatching an ESPN discussion about an Arizona high school football player who had died after a game sustained concussion, likely from second impact syndrome. Suddenly I was back on that sideline. â€Å"Keith,† I said aloud to nobody in the room. Thus began my thirst for knowledge about traumatic brain injury and the possible resulting pathologies su ch as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Pathophysiology Nearly 86 years ago, Dr. Harrison Martland penned the first clinical delineations of what he termed â€Å"punchRead MoreThe Reality Of Brain Damage From Football1387 Words   |  6 Pages The Reality of Brain Damage from Football Introduction to Psychology Northcentral Technical College Stacy Schmidt Football brain injuries are somewhat common and people are more aware of the types of damage it can cause to the brain. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. It can occur after an impact to the head or after a whiplash-type injury that causes the head and brain to shake quickly back and forth. Concussions are usually not life-threateningRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of A Concussion1312 Words   |  6 Pageslong-term brain damage and cognitive impairment later in life. A concussion is a subset of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and results from shaking the brain within the skull. The American Association of Neurological Surgeons (the â€Å"AANS†) has defined a concussion as â€Å"a clinical syndrome characterized by an immediate and transient alteration in brain function, including an alteration of mental status and level of consciousness, resulting from mechanical force or trauma.† (Sports-related Head Injury) TheRead MoreEssay On Child Assessment In Health 1324 Words   |  6 Pageson 08/23/2017. The claimant was represented by attorney Nancy Flaherty and our hearing reporter was Linda Engel. As you know, this case has been established for an injury to the head as well as adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression. Prima facie medical evidence has been found for post concussive syndrome and post concussive headaches. The Judge recently found prima facie for a conversion disorder but we have not yet been directed to develop the record on that issue. I confirmed with MsRead MoreThe Effects Of A Concussion On High School Sports1347 Words   |  6 PagesA concussion is a mild type of traumatic brain injury, caused by a blow to the head. A Concussion is a common injury in high school sports. Doctors consider them to be a mild injury, because they are rarely life threatening. However, a concussion can range in severity and it can be difficult to determine how serious the injury is, even with a CT scan. The student s ability to recover is greatly impacted by the severity of the injury. Each student s recovery is different, and often students areRead MoreThe Awareness Of Traumatic Brain Injuries1334 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) has increased and the information available is better now than it was in the past. I believe many people are aware of concussions and traumatic brain injuries but not how it can affect their brain. Traumatic Brain injuries are a very complex injury with a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities. Many healthcare professionals in the field of brain injury often say, â€Å"If you’ve seen one concussion, you’ve seen one concussion.† Even a mildRead MoreThe Effects of Concussions on Human Beings1308 Words   |  6 Pagesyou know, that someone suffers from a brain injury every 21 seconds (Haas)? Children get concussions all the time, and most of the time they go unnoticed. The majority of concussions happen when one is playing a sport such as football, hockey, or lacrosse. Many famous athletes have had their careers, even their lives cut short due to concussions. Brain damage and death can result from serial concuss ions (Schafer). When one suffers from a concussion, one’s brain needs time to recover physically and

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Nursing Case Study Clinicals Placement Fundamentals

Question: Describe about the Nursing Case Study for Clinicals Placement Fundamentals. Answer: Clinical placement is fundamental to nursing students since they get to implement the theory they learn in class and at the same time, they gain experience which is very crucial in the medical profession (Bourne, 2013). As much as clinical placement is important, students on placement are sometimes bullied by their co-workers (Catanzariti Egan, 2015). This is a behavior that should be condemned by every medical professional since it has very many negative effects hence the need to port such outdated behaviors. This paper aims at outlining the processes if notifying, reporting as well as investigating incidences that happen in the workplace. The paper will also shine more light on the working relationship between preceptors and undergraduate nurses on clinical placement and how some factors can be misconstrued to be bullying while in the real sense they are not. Communication is fundamental and professionals should learn communications skills so as to ensure that they convey the exac t message that they intend. People in leadership positions should not just control those they lead but act as role models by making other members feel like they are part of the team (Glazer Fitzpatrick, 2013). Notifying, Reporting and Investigating Incidences Notifying As far as workplace bullying is concerned, the person who is affected in one way or the other by the behavior should clearly document the incident in the incident report. It is fundamental for the individual to consult the policies put in place by the institution as to the procedure for handling such sensitive matters. The human resource department is the one tasked with issues to do with workers payment and discipline, therefore, it is logical that one can liaise with them so as to access to companys precise reporting procedure (Catanzariti Egan, 2015). The Charles Darwin university policy on students on placement dictates that the student should advise the university or the institution of placement of any medical or health conditions that may his or her ability to do the duties assigned by the institution of placement. The student should only accept assignments which are proportionate to his or her level of skill. Furthermore, the student should inform the university as well as th e agency of placement immediately he or she is involved in an accident or incident during office hours. The student must also notify the agency as well as the school if he or she is unable to attend all or part of the placement. These policies are aimed at encouraging students to voice their concerns in case they feel that the tasks they are assigned to while on placement are jeopardizing their health in one way or the other. Reporting The individual who is the subject of bullying in the workplace should formally report the bullying behavior to pave way for investigations. Reporting ensures that the individual is able to answer relevant questions as soon as possible so that action can be taken on the person behind the bad behavior (Victoria Community Services Health Industry Training Board Victoria, 2010). Investigation The main aim of conducting investigations is to get to the root cause of the problem rather than finding fault and shifting blame from one person to another. Investigations should be done to try and ascertain the claims made in the incident report. Investigations also ensure that the claims made by the victim can be substantiated hence avoiding any chances of imposing disciplinary measures based on false claims. The best strategy to do that is to interview the complainant, the respondent as well as the witnesses who were at the scene of the incident. It is wise to keep records of the interview just in case one many need it as a reference in future. Relevant documents have been sort as well as additional information, for instance, the document showing that the complainant has seen the psychiatrist for the purposes of counseling among others (Ferguson, 2011). The investigator must carefully evaluate whether the behavior is corresponding to the laid out criteria of workplace bullying. F or an incident to be considered to be office bullying, it must be repeated, unreasonable as well as harmful to the affected persons health and safety (Glazer Fitzpatrick, 2013). Analysis of the Case Study First day Workplace bullying is essentially repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more individuals by one or more culprits. However, poor personal skills, poor communication skills, poor coping skills, poor leadership skills as well as constructive criticism cannot be categorized as bullying (Baughan, Smith Baughan, 2013). Looking the case study, leaving a new student to do the search and find not to mention the self-directed learning modules can be categorized as social isolation. The nurse students skills should have been used to help out in the hospital considering the day she reported; her preceptor complained that there was a poor mix of skills. The preceptor should have returned later to check on how the student was doing considering this was her first day in a new institution (Glazer Fitzpatrick, 2013). Both the student and the preceptor did very little to ensure that there are rapport and foundation of their therapeutic relationship. The preceptor failed to establish a therapeutic relationship especially owing to the fact that she is the mentor and as such she should demonstrate her leadership skills by at least establishing rapport. The fact that Shannon is a passive communicator makes the situation even work because instead of articulating her dissatisfaction, she decides to avoid conflict by agreeing to what her preceptor tells her. The student is also to blame to some extent since she should have been pro-active and engages the preceptor after completing the task assigned to him to see if the preceptor could spare some time to discuss with her about scope of practice, placement as well as questions she may have had regarding the institution (Billett Henderson, 2011). Second day The preceptor employs humor in a way that sounds very negative to Shannon. Humor is essentially a cognitive, emotional, behavioral, psychological and social phenomenon. The comment that the preceptor makes about being stuck with Shannon can be interpreted as try to depict the student as being a baggage to the registered nurse rather than a helper hence it cannot be considered humorous by any right thinking person (Tehrani, 2012). The purpose of clinical placement is to reduce the gap between theory and practice as well as to enable the student to gain some needed experience which will be very important in the future and the preceptor is making the students efforts to meet this objective very hard. It is the role and responsibility of the preceptor to make the student feel welcome and mentor her throughout the placement period. Furthermore, the preceptor should offer everyday guidance to the student as well as planning his or her schedule of the day (Rothwell Chee, 2013). To be an effective preceptor it is very crucial to have good leadership and communication skills. The preceptor and the student should always maintain a professional relationship that observes certain boundaries. Making humor that is humiliating to the student is going beyond the professional boundaries. Factors like public humiliation, belittling as well as removal of areas of work without consultation affect the relationship between the pr eceptor and the student. Clinical education is essentially health care education conducted in health care facilities such as a clinic, hospitals as well as emergency centers (Forrest, McKimm, Edgar, 2013). Clinical need takes precedence over clinical education in a situation where there are patients who need immediate attention hence the medical professional has to handle the emergency first and teaching of the student on placement come much later (Safe Work Australia., 2012). Third day Once again the student portrays her passive communication style when she did not express his dissatisfaction of being excluded from the post-resuscitation debrief especially owing to the fact that the student was the first responder (Haugen Musser, 2012). The student should have discussed with the preceptor about her concerns in an asserting but certainly respectful manner. Furthermore, Shannon should have initiated discussions with her preceptor regarding the resuscitation incident. A gesture of initiating a conversation would have demonstrated to the preceptor that the student is proactive as far as her learning is concerned and she would have put more effort to assist the student whenever needed. The preceptor cannot be blamed entire especially keeping in mind that preceptors do not receive the much needed organizational support, preparation as well as clarity of their role. Furthermore, they usually have very busy hours hence they constantly forced to succumb to workload pressur es which interfere with their responsibility as preceptors (Mahon Nicotera, 2011). The preceptor did very little to engage the student and when she did, it was in a manner that was very discouraging to the student. A perfect example is when she uses words like OMG as an expression of shock. She preceptor should have acknowledged the efforts made by the student of trying to help the patient in the best way she knew how as she waited for the doctors to come and attend to the patient. This is would have created a warm atmosphere between the student and her preceptor (Haitana Bland, 2011). Recommendations to Foster the Students Personal and Professional Development The student should adopt an assertive style of communication. This will help in creating an individual who is confident and who is not afraid to express his or her concerns hence ensuring that there is a perfect environment for learning to take place (Boyd Dare, 2014). Any student who is going for clinical placement should demonstrate his or her ability to be pro-active. Clarifications should be made early enough regarding his or her clinical experience, expectations, scope of practice as well as expected learning objectives (Goetsch, 2011). The student should learn to build rapport since it is a crucial component in the student-preceptor relationship. Rapport promotes open communication and develops trust among individuals therefore building excellent relationships (Boyd Dare, 2014). The student should learn conflict resolution strategies since conflicts damage professional relationships. Resolving conflicts ensures that there is there is a peaceful environment where people can learn from each other (Boyd Dare, 2014). All in all, clinical placement is fundamental as far as students are concerned since it bridges the gap between theory and practice. Preceptors should try their best to help the students assigned to them and make their placement period enjoyable and educational instead of bullying them by humiliating them inform of other staff. Preceptors should also possess excellent communication and leadership skills to ensure that can be able to handle the students assigned to them hence bringing out the best in individual students. Students also have a very crucial part to play as far as their clinical placement is concerned. They should try to be more assertive while ensuring that they are not disrespectful. They should also be pro-active meaning that they should try to do everything in their power to create a good relationship with their preceptors so that good communication is fostered. A therapeutic relationship between the preceptor and the student will ensure that effective learning takes place at the end of the day. References Baughan, J., Smith, A., Baughan, J. (2013).Compassion, caring, and communication: Skills for nursing practice. Billett, S., Henderson, A. (2011).Developing learning professionals: Integrating experiences in university and practice settings. Dordrecht: Springer. Bourne, I. (2013).Facing Danger In The Helping Professions: A Skilled Approach. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education. Boyd, C., Dare, J. (2014).Communication skills for nurses. Catanzariti, J., Egan, K. (2015).Workplace bullying. Ferguson, O. (2011).Health care. Detroit [Mich.: Greenhaven Press. Forrest, K., McKimm, J., Edgar, S. (2013).Essential simulation in clinical education. Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley Sons. Glazer, G. L., Fitzpatrick, J. J. (2013).Nursing leadership from the outside in. New York: Springer Pub. Co. Goetsch, D. L. (2011).Occupational safety and health for technologists, engineers, and managers. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall. Haitana, J., Bland, M. (January 01, 2011). Building relationships: the key to preceptoring nursing students.Nursing Praxis in New Zealand Inc,27,1, 4-12. Haugen, D. M., Musser, S. (2012).Health care. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press. Mahon, M. M., Nicotera, A. M. (January 01, 2011). Nursing and conflict communication: avoidance as preferred strategy.Nursing Administration Quarterly,35,2.) Rothwell, W. J., Chee, P. (2013).Becoming an effective mentoring leader: Proven strategies for building excellence in your organization. New York: McGraw-Hill. Safe Work Australia., Safe Work Australia. (2012).Comparative performance monitoring report: Comparison of work health and safety and workers' compensation schemes in Australia and New Zealand. Canberra, A.C.T: Safe Work Australia. Tehrani, N. (2012).Workplace bullying: Symptoms and solutions. London: Routledge. Victoria., Community Services Health Industry Training Board Victoria. (2010).Handbook of students on clinical placement: For students undertaking Certificate IV in Nursing or Diploma of Nursing.

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Experience of a Lifetime free essay sample

The presence of stress and sweat fill the air. Student government election season is the time for the ambitious to come out and fight for a position. I only looked at the title and did not consider how much responsibility and work comes with it. I barely put any effort put into my campaign: few posters, no communication with the student body, and a poorly written speech. I was so overconfident that I was going to win the election that I did not realize how much work I needed to put in to win. My world was shaken when I found out that I had lost the election for class secretary. I felt like I was a failure not just in the election but in general. Before my failed attempt at becoming a class officer, I was not involved in school extracurricular events in any capacity.Losing the class election allowed for me to realize how much potential I have as a leader and encouraged me to be more involved in school. We will write a custom essay sample on Experience of a Lifetime or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Instead of trying to shun the high school experience, I embraced it with open arms. I felt so much more positive and fell in love with the high school experience. As a freshman, you are told that being involved and caring about school is an absolute joke. But what a lot of people do not realize is that not caring is the real joke. As a freshman, I was a new student who came from a different county. I had no friends and I was in my bubble for the first couple months of high school. I had never felt more isolated than I did during my freshman year. It was so bad that I sat alone eating lunch on my first day of high school. I did not have any social skills whatsoever. After losing the election and being more involved, I can say that I was able to cope with the major change by helping out around school. I was able to meet people, make new friends, and even become really close with the staff. I learned how to have responsibility with staying on top of my life academic-wise and social-wis e. If I did not step out of my comfort zone the way I did, I would have stayed miserable for the rest of my high school career. The class election pushed me to be my very best. The transition from middle school to high school was tough enough already but once I got involved I was able to cope with the change and embrace it. All I needed was a little push: maybe failing once in a while really is not a bad thing. Failure is not what destroys you but what motivates you to do better.

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DISTRIBUTION OF REGIONAL TRAVELLERS IN THE PHILIPPINES Essays DISTRIBUTION OF REGIONAL TRAVELLERS IN THE PHILIPPINES January - December 2006 Preliminary Report Region/Province/CityForeignOverseasDomesticTotalTotalGrowth TravellersFilipinosTravellers20062005Rate NCR (National Capital Region)262,36428,39568,694359,453 - - CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region)76,81213,191902,917992,920866,24214.62% Abra 1,519 - 1,611 3,130 4,054 -22.79% Apayao 93 1 3,087 3,181 1,691 88.11% Baguio City30,9198,679670,073709,671 637,298 11.36% Benguet4,71177101,594106,382 84,192 26.36% Ifugao 29,860 3,747 59,432 93,039 90,874 2.38% Kalinga6,037 687 21,83328,557 24,433 16.88% Mountain Province3,673 - 45,28748,960 23,700 106.58% Region I 52,7861,793281,582336,161287,64916.86% Ilocos Norte36,481 - 140,614177,095 166,806 6.17% Ilocos Sur2,839 155.00 53,41856,412 40,480 39.36% La Union6,32644742,47749,250 36,971 33.21% Pangasinan7,140119145,07353,404 43,392 23.07% Region II*/a24,453 - 610,715635,168 624,021 1.79% Batanes 942 - 4,6485,590 5,464 2.31% Cagayan 6,453 - 243,232249,685 248,026 0.67% Isabela3,695 - 78,43282,127 81,042 1.34% Quirino - - Nueva Vizcaya4,404 - 88,36792,771 91,061 1.88% Santiago City3,773 - 78,24582,018 81,717 0.37% Tuguegarao City5,186 - 117,791122,977 116,711 5.37% Region III155,3941,208251,634408,236396,2143.03% Aurora - - - - - - Bataan3,469 205 21,79525,469 24,669 3.24% Bulacan2,337 105 40,63343,075 44,958 -4.19% Nueva Ecija1,928 - 12,65014,578 15,655 -6.88% Pampanga91,74240873,075165,225 151,817 8.83% Tarlac1,914 158 8,22210,294 6,019 71.03% Zambales54,00433295,259149,595 153,096 -2.29% Region IV #434,5307,0215,852,8606,294,4116,645,943-5.29% Batangas54,4914,701265,102324,294 159,539 103.27% Cavite15,789041,73757,526 269,138 -78.63% Laguna241,2352,2951,779,6172,023,147 1,800,455 12.37% Marinduque - - - - 58,289 - Occidental Mindoro - - - - 2,365 - Oriental Mindoro74,195 - 3,625,3383,699,533 3,679,806 0.54% Palawan 48,820 25 141,066 189,911 202,228 -6.09% Quezon - - - - 165,851 - Rizal - - - - 284,492 - Romblon - - - - 23,780 - SUB-TOTAL1,006,33951,6087,968,4029,026,3498,820,0692.34% DISTRIBUTION OF REGIONAL TRAVELLERS IN THE PHILIPPINES January - December 2006 Region/Province/CityForeignOverseasDomesticTotalTotalGrowth TravellersFilipinosTravellers20062005Rate Region V31,15318,151587,823637,127 501,378 27.08% Albay3,08297035,88739,939 69,088 -42.19% Catanduanes2,441 740 25,84529,026 28,305 2.55% Daet/Camarines Norte3,13847969,92273,539 58,667 25.35% Legazpi City3,80291188,78893,501 104,422 -10.46% Naga City/Camarines Sur12,69313,137232,778258,608 130,927 97.52% Sorsogon 3,8811,08860,41565,384 47,457 37.78% Masbate 2,11682674,18877,130 62,512 23.38% Region VI **266,89184,4541,259,3321,610,6771,599,6700.69% Aklan185,18631,656357,656574,498519,86310.51% Antique1,5071,28640,26243,05524,32477.01% Capiz Province3,3174,57529,37737,26932,23415.62% Guimaras8,24851164,686172,985181,941-4.92% Iloilo Province40,20931,422293,880365,511380,289-3.89% Negros Occidental28,42415,464373,471417,359461,019-9.47% Region VII542,1597,3831,081,9031,631,4451,460,77511.68% Bohol46,4383,815169,058219,311187,99116.66% Cebu472,2422,460772,7671,247,4691,118,07711.57% Negros Oriental19,2321,044133,250153,526143,2617.17% Siquijor4,247646,82811,13911,446-2.68% Region VIII13,329597189,643203,569 164,542 23.72% Biliran902,3132,322 3,326 -30.19% Calbayog City9052101,1392,254 2,257 -0.13% East Samar135374,0864,258 1,377 209.22% Leyte3305,3155,348 3,620 47.73% Ormoc City5,88117534,85340,909 30,067 36.06% Southern Leyte19804,9645,162 5,506 -6.25% Tacloban City6,168175136,973143,316 118,389 21.06% Region IX13,64713,415480,297507,359 431,168 17.67% Dipolog City/Zamboanga del Norte1,35171934,57636,646 33,618 9.01% Zamboanga City & Basilan Province10,68411,782274,652297,118 233,448 27.27% Zamboanga del Norte & Dapitan City94362546,20147,769 35,946 32.89% Zamboanga del Sur & Pagadian City4677495,92896,469 96,772 -0.31% Zamboanga Sibugay 202 215 28,94029,357 31,384 -6.46% Sub-Total867,179124,0003,598,9984,590,1774,157,53310.41% Page 2 of 3 DISTRIBUTION OF REGIONAL TRAVELLERS IN THE PHILIPPINES January - December 2006 Region/Province/CityForeignOverseasDomesticTotalTotalGrowth TravellersFilipinosTravellers20062005Rate Region X46,2848,947837,851893,082707,80726.18% Bukidnon6,3802,43528,81237,627 40,830 -7.84% Cagayan de Oro23,6263,503235,154262,283 285,310 -8.07% Camiguin11,6171,839206,606220,062 240,553 -8.52% Misamis Occidental - Ozamis2,344200286,140288,684 47,749 504.59% Lanao del Norte / Iligan City2,31797081,13984,426 93,365 -9.57% Region XI52,7568,875699,552761,183 715,926 6.32% Compostela Valley428 - 38,32938,757 20,182 92.04% Davao City46,7288,087514,620569,435 573,326 -0.68% Davao del Sur870 17 38,85539,742 41,998 -5.37% Davao Oriental270 38 31,85632,164 22,456 43.23% Island Garden City of Samal4,061 733 37,80342,597 30,601 39.20% Davao del Norte/Tagum City399 - 38,08938,488 27,363 40.66% Region XII 4,6064,443618,077627,126592,3025.88% Cotabato44666662,44263,554 60,765 4.59% Cotabato City89860793,94695,451 90,681 5.26% General Santos City998574104,333105,905 109,359 -3.16% Kidapawan City48144265,44966,372 61,978 7.09% Koronadal City41040871,74372,561 69,812 3.94% Sarangani26732747,60748,201 44,039 9.45% South Cotabato60857573,37974,562 65,147 14.45% Sultan Kudarat23246148,04048,733 44,741 8.92% Tacurong City26638351,13851,787 45,780 13.12% Region XIII16,2004,792341,844362,836365,032-0.60% Agusan del Norte956949,99111,041 6,367 73.41% Agusan del Sur/San Francisco 212 2,610 32,54535,367 22,270 58.81% Bislig City 261 - 7,2597,520 13,779 -45.42% Butuan City7,186994197,832206,012 214,874 -4.12% Surigao City4,71254253,08758,341 68,959 -15.40% Surigao del Norte/General Luna/Dapa2,513 435 10,02312,971 6,912 87.66% Surigao del Sur36011731,10731,584 31,871 -0.90% SUB-TOTAL119,84627,0572,497,3242,644,2272,381,06711.05% GRAND TOTAL1,993,364202,66514,064,72416,260,75315,358,6695.87% Source of Data: Department of Tourism Regional Officespage 3 of 3 Prepared by: Tourism Research and Statistics Division, Office of Tourism Development Planning, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM *Data for Overseas Filipinos are lumped under Foreign Travellers **partial report a= 227,161 travelers comprised excursionists who visited pilgrimage sites and museums in 2006 against its 2005 volume of 218,734 # = 1,886,683 travelers comprised excursionists in 2006 against its 2005 volume of 1,800,455 As of May 9, 2007

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The Effects of Competition, Predation and Disturbance Essay

The Effects of Competition, Predation and Disturbance - Essay Example The predator is the population that attacks and hunts the prey population for survival. The process of predation ultimately leads to the death of the prey in cases which are either intentionally or unintentionally and also directly or indirectly undertaken by the predator. The said process then can be defined as consumption of the prey population. There are different types of predation that are undertaken by the four types of predators namely the true predators, the grazers, the parasitoids and the parasites. The said classification is based on the type of action wherein the process of predation is completed. The process of predation can result in different effects which can either be beneficial or detrimental to the prey population, predator population and the ecosystem in general. One of the most important effects of predation is the maintenance of balance between species population by prevention of the domination of a single type of organism in a community. The said process can be attributed to the action undertaken by the predators. For that matter, predation can be beneficial to the predators. On the other hand, the prey population is the main group that can achieve the detrimental effects of the process of predation. Although this is the case, due to the interactions of the different organisms in an ecosystem as exemplified by the food web and food chain, an organism can be a prey of a larger species while at the same time a predator of a smaller species. This process of interaction is the main cause for the achievement of the ultimate balance in the ecosystem. One of the ways to better understand the predator-prey interaction is through the use of the Lotka-Volterra model.